Identify Any Cable or Component With Brady’s Downloadable Guide

Durable professional labels that remain legible and stay attached in harsh conditions are extremely important to keep power, network, voice and data cables and components organised and running effectively. The Brady’s Cable and Component Identification guidebook offers ideas on the best identification solution options for a great number of contexts encountered by electrical, telecom and datacom installation professionals.

Well identified wires, cables and components give an immediate insight into how an installation works and how it is connected. Enabling repairs, installation updates and upgrades to be performed faster, in a safer, more secure way and with a reduced risk of human error.

There is a lot more to professional identification labels than meets the eye. Depending on the context of a job, it is better to choose a more resilient material that ensures legibility for the lifetime of a cable or component.

Professional identification on wires, cables and components enables:

  • Immediate recognition of what needs checking during troubleshooting
  • Parts to be marked clearly for upcoming maintenance upgrades
  • The ability to trace history, lifespan and supplier
  • Safety warnings or precautions to be added

Professional labelling really pays off when it comes to how much time and money is lost while trying to trace an unidentified faulty cable, wire or component.

A professional identification label is available for every type of wire, cable and component in various label styles, sizes and materials to cover specific identification needs and requirements.

Download the free Cable & Component ID Guide 


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