The TANlock Access Control System


The TANlock Access Control System is a centralised, tamper proof latching and locking system for data centres and other security sensitive applications. For example, co-location centres, medical or industrial applications.


  • Why is the TANlock Access Control System different from other locks? The TANlock Access Control System consists only of the lock itself. It is not necessary to install or implement any additional software, no additional hardware is needed.
  • What benefits does the solution have? Using standard interfaces enables the TANlock Access Control System to be integrated into existing IT infrastructures in a very simple way. There is no need for additional software due to the usage of LDAP and Microsoft ActiveDirectory. Monitoring is enabled by applying syslog and SNMP.
  • How is it possible to need only one lock? The lock has a controller which communicates with the administrator’s computer. When the system is up and running, the lock will provide feedback in pre-settable times via the software about its status.

The System enables you to control, monitor and administer an unlimited number of locks from just one device. After approving an opening event from the computer, an additional code (TAN = Trans-action Authentication Number) is necessary to open the TANlock. After both events verify as correct, the handle swivels out and the door can be opened. Every TANlock is connected to a network. The network cable will transfer data but also the necessary power (PoE – Power over Ethernet).

The integration in existing networks as well as power supply works by using PoE (Power over Ethernet). This reduces the complexity of hundreds of locks installed.


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