DataCentres Ireland 2017: Delivering mission critical environments


Whatever the scale of your business, whether you’re operating in the financial sector, transport, aviation, customer service, laboratories or the military, you will have a mission critical system, which if it failed would be catastrophic to your business.

Many of these risks will be linked to the stability of energy supply, effectiveness of back-up power solutions, electronic infrastructure, cabling, fire safety, security, and environmental issues including cleanliness & the stability of temperature and humidity. All of which effect data centres.

DataCentres Ireland brings together industry experts, targeted workshops to address these issues and more under one roof. It is your opportunity to hear the latest thinking, ideas, best practice, technology and solutions that can help you to proof your mission critical infrastructure whether that be a data centre, server or comms room, storage facility, intensive care unit (ITU), transport systems, operation/control rooms, etc.

DataCentres Ireland features over 75 exhibitors offering the latest in technology, service, products and solutions specifically for data centres and mission critical environments giving attendees access to industry solutions, networking opportunities, hands-on product demonstrations and expert panels on critical services, including cybersecurity and connectivity.

Free to attend from November 22-23, DataCentres Ireland 2017 will help demystify data centre operations and strategy, including:

  • Resilience, risk assessment and planning
  • Infrastructure including cabling, cooling, batteries and standby/uninterruptible power supply
  • Accreditation and legislation

Day two will also include a GDPR conference within the main event, helping you prepare for seismic regulatory change coming in May 2018.

Whatever your business’s size, failure of your mission-critical system could compromise your reputation and result in untold damage to your business and your customers. You are as strong as the system which supports you: At DataCentres Ireland 2017, learn to make informed purchasing decisions, insure compliance, and arm yourself with a plan.