Airedale returns to Data Centre World with more energy efficient innovations in cooling


Designed for where floor space is limited or unavailable, the Ecotel Free Cool is quick and easy to install, utilising a secure and tamper proof mounting bracket system and is easy to service with front component access. An emergency 48V DC fresh air free cooling option is also available.

Airedale will also be showing a new modular hot aisle containment solution featuring its rack based InRak IT cooling unit, along with a revolutionary new direct-to-chip two phase cooling system.

Direct-to-chip cooling reduces monthly cooling costs by up to 75 per cent, is easily scalable and circulates an engineered fluid that unlike water, poses no risk to computer hardware. 

Airedale’s stand will also feature the SmartCool i-drive, an inverter compressor precision air conditioning unit, designed for use in high density applications using elevated return air temperatures, and incorporates inverter compressors to enable exact control, superior efficiency and performance.

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