Are New Demands Shaping The Future Of the Data Centre Industry?

The hyper-connected nature of today’s global economy is providing enormous opportunities for data centre operators, with the market for new facilities on a sustained upward trajectory, according to a new white paper from Telehouse. However, there are also some challenges, and data centre providers cannot afford to rest on their laurels, the paper says.

In the document, entitled How the Modern Data Centre Meets the Need of a Hyper-connected Global Economy, Telehouse explains how the popularity of mobile video services, the emergence of new business models based around the Internet of Things (IoT) and the widespread use of cloud services are key drivers of the hyper-connected economy and are placing huge pressure on data centre infrastructure.

The paper examines the commissioning of Telehouse Europe’s new North Two £135 million data centre in London, which will deliver clients 24,000 sq. m of gross area across an 11-storey building located in Telehouse’s existing Docklands campus in London. It looks at how the architecture of the new facility has been specifically designed to meet increasing customer demand for connectivity, both in terms of software platforms that can be accessed and through the number of business partners that can be reached via resilient, secure, low-latency links.

The research suggests that technological advancement in areas such as mobile video, cloud computing and the IoT means that the requirement for data storage and transmission is being propelled forward at an unprecedented rate. It predicts that connectivity across diverse platforms and partners is likely to be the key consideration for data centre customers over the medium term.

Furthermore, it anticipates that data centre providers are going to have to be increasingly flexible in their thinking when it comes to the addition of new storage capacity and transmission needed to proactively meet the priorities of the hyper-connected economy.

The report concludes that while it is clear that the hyper-connected economy is underpinning a vibrant data centre sector, it is only through the continued investment in modern, efficient data centre infrastructure that the hyper-connected economy will reach its full potential.


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