Asperitas Opens Showcase Location For Immersed Computing At Atom86 Datacentre


At the Dutch National Data Centre Day on 13th June, Asperitas opened a new showcase location for Immersed Computing at the atom86 (Schuberg Philis) data centre in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport area.

Immersed Computing is a concept developed by Asperitas, the cleantech start-up from Haarlem, for extremely efficient and sustainable data centres. The foundation of Immersed Computing is a method of cooling known as total liquid cooling in which IT hardware is fully immersed in liquid.

Today, most data centres are cooled with air systems, but Asperitas is aiming to change this. With good reason, data centres can reduce 50% of their energy footprint, take five times less space and reuse 99% of the energy used as warm water up to 60°C.

For cloud providers, there are even more benefits, the performance of servers can be greatly improved, so that less hardware can achieve the same performance. For cloud providers, this is attractive because the cost of software licenses can be significantly reduced.

Asperitas has developed Immersed Computing for two years with an ecosystem of specialised partners. The first Immersed Computing solution for the cloud industry has been launched during the Cloud Expo Europe in London in March. Asperitas has already received several international award nominations for the developed technology, including one for ‘Best Energy Solution’ by Datacloud Awards.

Atom86 – part of Schuberg Philis – was founded in 2009 and has its own backbone, which guarantees performance and connectivity even under the most extreme conditions. The colocation services are offered and delivered from the data centre in Schiphol-Rijk. This is in the middle of the Digital Gateway to Europe, with direct connections to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. The team serves a wide range of business customers and Service Providers.

Asperitas is planning a series of showcase locations in a variety of data centres across Europe, including the UK and France, soon to be announced.