Asperitas opens data centre pop-up showcase location in French Tier IV data centre


Asperitas opened an Immersed Computing showcase location in France in December 2017 in collaboration with a local partner. An Immersed Computing AIC24 module has been deployed in a Tier IV data centre environment to function as a showcase for the French market. The data centre is serving a global player from the financial industry. The pop-up showcase location will be available to visitors until the end of February 2018.

Asperitas developed a concept that is making use of liquid and natural convection for cooling IT systems in data centres, called Immersed Computing. The first Immersed Computing solution, the AIC24, is a fully integrated and modular solution for cloud, edge and HPC data centres.

The location in France is the fourth location open for public, after Haarlem, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Area in The Netherlands and the Austrian capital Vienna.

According to market analyst Cloudscene, 262 data centres are located in France. Paris being the main market with 98 data centres. In atom86 data centre in Amsterdam Schiphol an AIC24 is running live for over six months, currently used also as a PoC system for Asperitas partners and customers.

At the moment an Open Compute server configuration is being immersed, in collaboration with Open Compute hardware reseller Circle B and hardware manufacturer Wiwynn. In Vienna it is possible to see the last prototype version for HPC organisations. One system is running live for over a year as part of the Vienna Scientific Cluster HPC environment.

Currently, the first dedicated Immersed Computing data centre is being deployed in the high-tech heart of The Netherlands, Eindhoven. EcoRacks data centre will be facilitating 300kW of high-density cloud customers.