Atos App ERoster Supports Emergency Relief For SOS Children’s Villages


Atos has announced an innovative emergency services system App – Emergency Roster (ERoster) – which is currently being used by SOS Children’s Villages International, a non-governmental child welfare umbrella organisation. SOS Children’s Villages International unites the work of all SOS associations in 134 countries and territories across the world. The ERoster App is used by the organisation’s internal Global Emergency Response network to improve the organisation and dispatch of aid workers and to deliver faster on site emergency relief.

Armed conflicts, natural disasters and medical emergencies such as epidemics require rapid intervention in order to save lives, alleviate distress and provide protection for vulnerable children and their families – but also to lay the foundation for long term and durable rehabilitation, reconstruction as well as stable growth and long term development. The increasing number of emergencies, which are becoming more and more complex due to different causes and parties involved, bring new challenges in the implementation of effective emergency measures. SOS Children’s Villages’ own Emergency Response Network helps to ensure that the organisation is prepared for rapid and effective assistance in any emergency.

ERoster: Improved organisation, reduced response time

Atos worked with the Global Emergency Response Unit at SOS Children’s Villages in Austria to develop the Emergency Roster (ERoster), an emergency services system, which is used to identify, manage and select qualified emergency experts worldwide. In the event of an emergency, workers are dispatched and this supports local SOS member associations in the planning and implementation of emergency measures.

Andreas Papp, international director emergency response from SOS Children’s Villages International, says: “In humanitarian disasters the protection and wellbeing of vulnerable children and families is a key priority for us.”

In case of emergency, experts with differing abilities and skills are selected and sent to the emergency location ideally within 72 hours. The ERoster App enables fast and efficient access to personal data and skills (such as experience in the field of emergency response, languages, experiences in the affected country or region, logistics, medical care or additional trainings) as well as the availability of each worker in order to optimise the selection process. The deployed emergency personnel and the flow of information between the member associations and the umbrella organisation are coordinated via an SOS internal platform. By using ERoster, SOS Children’s Villages can react faster and more effectively to emergencies. The App enables more efficient staff management increasing transparency and cost savings.

The Emergency Roster (ERoster) App was implemented in less than seven months. Since mid-2016 the App has been in successful operation at SOS Children’s Villages International and first aid assignments have been effectively coordinated. Currently, around 50 emergency aid workers from various SOS member associations worldwide are managed through the system. The goal is to further increase this figure.