BATS launches Hotspot European FX matching engine from Equinix London Slough data centre campus

Equinix is BATS’ primary data centre provider for all of the BATS exchange platforms, including the Direct Edge Exchanges—EDGA and EDGX – and has an existing deployment at Equinix’s NY4 data centre in Secaucus, New Jersey, and LD4 in London. By leveraging Equinix’s mature electronic trading ecosystem in Secaucus and in London, BATS is able to provide the type of continuity and cost efficiency which is required by its customers.

Chris Isaacson, global CIO, BATS, said, ‘This deployment with Equinix is important for our current, and future, customers as it gives BATS a presence amongst Europe’s largest FX ecosystem and electronic trading market place. As home to more than 50 per cent of currency trading globally, and growing, the European market is a top priority for our continued growth of Hotspot. The launch of the London matching engine in LD4 will enable and facilitate our expansion to new markets and customers both in Europe and globally.’

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