Brocade launches Gen 6 switch


The new purpose built and high density SAN switch delivers breakthrough performance and scalability designed to support data growth and demanding workloads from mission critical applications.

Fibre Channel fabrics are the common thread that connects organisations to their most critical applications and data. Today, Fibre Channel drives the world’s economies with the most trusted and widely deployed network infrastructure for storage.

Thirty billion transactions go through Fibre Channel each day and 96 per cent of the world’s banks, airlines and retailers rely on Fibre Channel. Gen 6 is the next generation Fibre Channel technology that will enable organisations to address performance, reliability and scalability requirements for hyper-scale virtualisation, new data centre architectures and next generation storage technologies.

Gen 6 Fibre Channel is especially significant for new technology such as flash based storage, which is accelerating the transformation of the data center. As organisations redesign their data centres with flash storage to optimise application performance, they require networks that deliver low latency, high capacity bandwidth and reliability.

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