C4L begin local fibre digging to boost Bournemouth connectivity


With the town recently being named the fastest growing Digital economy in the UK, and home to over 400 Digital businesses, many of these corporations seek higher Internet speeds to make business critical tasks such as email, file sharing, design, video rendering and website orders much more efficient. C4L has begun meeting these requirements by providing superfast fibre to the centre of Bournemouth from its Westbourne data centre.

Matt Hawkins, chairman and founder of C4L, said, ‘Bournemouth is the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, competes globally and is a fantastic place to live and so deserves to have the best chance of continued success with business grade connectivity. Installing superfast fibre in Bournemouth has always been a dream of mine as I can see how it will accelerate the town even further. With government Connection Vouchers of up to £3000 being eligible in the area now too, there is nothing to stop businesses improving the platform they trade from.’

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