Cannon Technologies ‘on track’ with new railway partnership


The scheme is designed to help recognised suppliers sell to the UK’s complex rail industry in a fair and transparent manner. The railway system’s network of resources relies heavily on a strong infrastructure of integrated and protected communications, customer information and data network systems.

With around 20,000 miles of track and 24,000 daily services, the UK rail network boasts the fastest rate of growth anywhere in Europe. Nearly 20 per cent of European rail journeys are taken in the UK and passenger growth is now outstripping population and employment growth. This rapid expansion and high level of investment means that the rail industry relies heavily on its suppliers to provide a wide range of critical products and systems, such as top of the range passive and active electronic cabinets.

Rail industry suppliers have a long held reputation for delivering innovative, state-of-the-art products and demonstrating the skills and expertise necessary to help develop new rail systems and upgrade existing infrastructure. This latest accreditation pays testament to Cannon Technologies’ reputation as a company which can be relied upon to deliver the world’s best environments for sensitive electronic hardware packaging.

Cannon Technologies’ business development director Glenn Conlon  commented, ‘This really is great news for Cannon Technologies. It reinforces our global reputation for delivering reliable robust solutions for a variety of industries.’

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