Capita selects Ark Data Centres for new Capita Private Cloud service

The move allows Capita IT Enterprise Services to develop standard infrastructures, processes and services that it can offer customers rather than creating bespoke solutions in every case.

By using Ark’s data centres, Capita IT Enterprise Services will outlay one tenth of the capital cost compared to that of maintaining its existing facilities, and will at the same time reduce its environmental footprint. Thanks to Ark’s efficient and carbon reducing data centre services, Capita IT Enterprise Services, in turn, will be able to pass those savings onto its customers to further enhance its service and customer relationships.

Peter Hands, executive director, Capita IT Enterprise Services, said, ‘Ark Data Centres offers modern facilities which integrate its innovation in cooling technology, dynamic monitoring, modularity, security by building not site, guaranteed power usage effectiveness (PUE) and speed. Combined with our expertise in cloud based services, we’re in prime position to deliver the availability that our customers need, with the flexibility and security that they want and with the reduced carbon footprint that everyone seeks.’

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