CenturyLink refreshes cooling in UK data centre, and predicts savings of £400,000


The new chillers, which make use of free air cooling, have already resulted in an improvement in the power usage effectiveness (PuE) measurement.

‘Traditionally, approximately one third of energy consumed by a data centre is related to cooling, so making sure that our data centre infrastructure runs at peak performance is a top priority,’ said Steve Weiner, senior product manager, colocation, CenturyLink. ‘Whilst we have a number of important ongoing tactical initiatives for efficiency, such as ensuring the cool air is delivered to where it is needed and not leaking through the raised floor or incorrectly adjusted floor grills as examples, from time to time our data centres’ key infrastructure need a comprehensive refresh to maintain the right environment for business critical applications.’

The project has resulted in savings of more than 275,000kWh and forms part of a continuous ongoing process dedicated to improving data centre efficiency. A number of the existing CenturyLink UK data centres already have this newer improved cooling technology in place, making use of existing ambient air to benefit the cooling of servers and other IT within the data centre.

‘CenturyLink has an ongoing commitment to both its customers and the environment itself, so we are proud of the results of this project and look forward to continuing to drive efficiency improvements,’ concluded Weiner.

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