Colocation theme of Schneider Electric Keynote at Datacloud Europe will underscore opportunity for data centre expansion at the edge

While Big Data and IoT are driving data centre expansion with data typically stored in massive facilities in and around key cities, Schneider Electric will argue that data centres are not being constructed fast enough to keep up with demand.

More importantly, some cloud based applications or services do not meet customer requirements if they are too remote and hindered with excessive latency. The opportunity is open for colocation providers to deploy data centres with speed at the regional level or at the network edge. These facilities quite literally extend the ‘edge’ of the Internet further from the traditional Internet hubs and represent a new market opportunity.

The keynote will assess leading technologies and techniques such as Lithium-Ion, prefabrication, modularity, open compute architectures, and automated design tools being utilised to bring local capacity online fast.

Schneider Electric will take the stage along with leaders from global players including Facebook, Level 3, Telefónica, LinkedIn, Proctor & Gamble, Google, and other infrastructure senior executives.

Datacloud uniquely brings together enterprise customers with service and solution providers engaged in data centre and cloud. With a content rich enterprise led programme the speaker academy is this year made up of 150+ expert industry professionals from more than 30 countries.

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