Colt Data Centre Services Receives DE-CIX Expansion In Frankfurt

Colt has received a thoroughbred level boost at its Frankfurt operation

DE-CIX, global Internet Exchange (IX) operator, is expanding its presence in Frankfurt as Colt’s Frankfurt 1 data centre becomes a new ‘DE-CIX-enabled Site’.

With this partnership, Colt Data Centre Services says it will offer its customers a broad portfolio of DE-CIX premium interconnection services including GlobePEER, MetroVLAN, GlobePEER Remote and DirectCLOUD.

“We are seeing an increase in demand from global cloud and content providers, that are searching for a connection with DE-CIX in Frankfurt. Colt Data Centre Services is the ideal partner to extend our services to such players. These customers will unquestionably benefit from our combined expertise,” says Dr Thomas King, chief innovation officer at DE-CIX.

Matthew Cantwell, director of portfolio propositions at Colt Data Centre Services, adds: “The availability of Internet Exchanges with our data centres is something that we are actively enhancing on an on-going basis. It’s testament to our commitment to delivering a solid connectivity offering to our customers. Providing direct connectivity into IX operators is crucial for the cloud and managed service providers who reside in our data centres.

“Having the capability to connect is reassuring to our customers, knowing that they are working with a trusted partner with a diverse connectivity portfolio. We are delighted to be welcoming DE-CIX into our Frankfurt 1 data centre and broadening our portfolio for customers.”

With 5.6 Terabits per second peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is described as the world’s leading IX, spreading its presence to more than 20 data centres and different operators in the city of Frankfurt.

Its technical infrastructure has a total capacity of 48 terabits and over 700 national and international customers in 60 countries rely on the interconnection services in Frankfurt. Most recently, DE-CIX set a new record of 25 terabits of connected capacity, up from 22.6 terabits at the end of 2016.