CompTIA sets out help close IT skills gap creating new paradigms in tech training


CompTIA, trade association for the information technology (IT) industry, has announced the completion of two acquisitions to expand its commitment to the high-tech workforce by providing new cutting-edge skills training, learning content and resources, assessments, and verification solutions.

CompTIA has acquired gtslearning, an award-winning developer and supplier of learning resources, including printed and online courseware and learning materials and online practice labs for IT certification exams.

Additionally, CompTIA has acquired intellectual property from Logical Operations, producer of instructor-led CompTIA training content. The acquisition includes all of the globally-recognised training content which maps to CompTIA’s industry-leading, vendor-neutral performance certifications for IT professionals.

Logical Operations will partner with CompTIA as the official reseller of CompTIA Official Content for business partner needs.

“Our training partners worldwide have been encouraging us to take this step for a number of years,” says Todd Thibodeaux, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA. “We’re fully committed to building a world-class, single-source solution for best-of-breed CompTIA Official Content for the technology workforce of today and tomorrow.”

The rapid pace of innovation and greater reliance on technology in economies around the globe have accelerated employer demand for both new IT talent and the upskilling of current tech professionals, according to Todd.

“Meeting this market demand for skilled workers requires innovative training and learning resources that map directly to specific job roles,” he adds. “Our content, courseware, training, and performance certifications do just that, making them relevant and essential for many audiences. This includes seasoned IT professionals branching into new, emerging technologies; employers interested in expanding tech team skills; students exploring future career options; and career changers and military veterans looking for new employment opportunities.”


IT professionals eager for training

Some 80% of IT professionals surveyed for the 2017 CompTIA research report, ‘IT Career Insights’ said they anticipated needing additional education and training to progress on their chosen career path. Practice tests and assessments (63%), labs and simulations (60%) and eLearning courses (55%) were among their preferred training methods.

The value of IT certifications continues to grow, as well. Nearly three-quarters of IT managers surveyed for the same study rated IT certifications as a valuable resource for validating skills and evaluating job candidates.

“A desire for lifelong learning and the acquisition of new skills is in the DNA of IT professionals,” comments Todd. “CompTIA is committed to supporting them by offering them the educational resources, assessments and credentials to help them achieve their career aspirations. We’re also expanding our outreach to new generations of workers by offering them access to learning content and resources to prepare them for careers in high-tech.”