CompTIA to help people become network technicians through intelligent e-learning technology

The new course will enable people to study for the newly released CompTIA Network+ exam (N10-006) with a  learning algorithm that monitors every student’s memory capacity, confidence and aptitude and regulates dopamine levels in real time.

In early trials, the CertMaster platform helped students achieve 80 per cent knowledge retention. The learning platform could help address the global IT skills gap by enabling industry bodies, schools, IT departments, and government agencies to train a new workforce of networking technicians remotely through fast-track e-courses.

The new CompTIA CertMaster course maps to new exam content training students in the latest technological innovations, from ‘software defined networks’ to virtual network segmentation and digital forensics techniques.

‘CompTIA CertMaster is focused on learner engagement,’ said Thomas Reilly, vice president, CompTIA Learning. ‘Each learner has a distinct path going through the product, a learning fingerprint. Throughout the course the learner is exposed to four key motivational triggers: progression, risk, achievement and curiosity. Working in combination, these triggers create a positive feedback loop for the learner.’

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