CUI and Virtual Power Systems forge strategic partnership to develop a more intelligent, efficient data centre infrastructure


With this agreement CUI will design, manufacture and distribute the hardware component of the ICE (Intelligent Control of Energy) system that realises the full value of the VPS solution. The ICE Block hardware is managed and controlled through the ICE Platform, a tightly integrated suite of software developed by VPS. The ICE Block will enable data centre operators to double power and server utilisation, reduce costs and greatly improve availability.

This partnership between the two organisations is the first step in creating a larger Software Defined Power ecosystem, from board level to system level, ultimately creating a more intelligent, more efficient data centre infrastructure.

‘We continue to look for partners that add value to the entire power ecosystem,’ said Matt McKenzie, president of CUI Inc. ‘This partnership is the first that is outside of the power supply itself and adds significant value to our entire power infrastructure portfolio, from board to rack level.’

Through numerous surveys and studies, data centre power consistently emerges as the most critical area that needs to be addressed to support the growth of the ‘Internet of Things’, mobile, and supporting infrastructure. The first ICE Block is under development now, with initial prototype installs coming later in 2016.

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