Custodian Data Centres expands its compliance team


Prior to joining Custodian Data Centres, Ben (pictured) was the compliance and improvements manager at a web design company where he implemented and improved various standards. Before this, he worked in IT for Cabot Credit Management and Medway STC, as well as spending over six years in the British Army as a communication systems engineer.

Ben joins Custodian Data Centres’ in-house compliance team who continually work on all legal, regulatory and contractual compliance within the data centre.

When asked why he made the step to join Custodian Data Centres, Ben said, ‘In terms of some aspects of compliance, like ISO27001, data centres are up there as one of the most important industries to be involved with it, so I was keen to get on board with that.

‘The reason compliance is so important for data centres, is not only because the business have their own assets to be responsible for, but because it also has the assets of its customers to look after and, as such, a data centre will always be a critical supplier to any business that has taken the step of using one.’

Custodian Data Centres became ISO27001 certified in 2011 and transitioned to ISO27001:2013 in 2014, underlining its commitment to preserving its clients’ confidentiality, integrity and availability for all assets. ISO27001 is the most widely accepted certification of its type and is used throughout the data centre, regulating a range of elements, from its policies and organisational structure, to its people and processes.

The next step in compliance for Custodian Data Centres, alongside ISO27001, is the introduction of the IG SoC (Information Governance Statement of Compliance) which is a process where organisations enter into agreement with HSCIC to gain access to the NHS National Network, also known as N3, which is soon to be replaced with HSCN.

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