DataCentred Partners Exclusively With Distribooted In The UK To Launch Enterprise Cloud Marketplace App Store


DataCentred has partnered exclusively with Distribooted in the UK to launch App Store, an enterprise cloud marketplace for cloud based applications and services.

The App Store features over 80 open source applications that can be launched in a single click, including software for collaboration, CRM, sales, databases, marketing and HR. This will enable UK enterprises to enhance productivity, significantly reduce their IT costs and streamline procurement by providing a single point of cloud application management, all managed from a simple dashboard. The App Store equips businesses with the building blocks to transform and upgrade their infrastructure and deliver data driven insights, accelerated development cycles, innovation and enhanced customer service.

The challenges of deploying appropriate software and tools are highlighted by skills gaps in many IT departments

The App Store will provide an integrated platform allowing businesses to focus skilled resources on where the most value can be delivered, by providing a single point of cloud application management. In addition, DataCentred customers will receive the best possible combination of globally proven cloud software with the location assurance and low latency of using UK based and UK owned cloud infrastructure. DataCentred and Distribooted are working to extend the application catalogue with popular commercial applications together with end user support.

As public and private sector organisations in the UK seek to use data to gain better insight, deliver competitive advantage and improve customer service, the challenges of deploying appropriate software and tools are highlighted by skills gaps in many IT departments. Not all organisations have the resources to build DevOps teams capable of spanning infrastructure management through to application testing and development, and simplifying the process of deploying modern, proven software to accelerate time to value will be a key success factor for many projects.

Nick Jones, head of cloud at DataCentred, comments: “As a provider of cloud infrastructure for critical services in the private and public sectors, we aim to assure the protection of customer data and privacy, while seeking to reduce the cost of implementing and running software projects.

“We are delighted to partner with Distribooted to ensure that our customers receive the best possible combination of cloud software where robust and secure performance is demonstrated on a global scale, with the broad variety of applications available to enable them to achieve their goals. The platform is an ideal way for enterprise users to launch applications quickly and easily on our OpenStack cloud and will enable enterprises to focus on improving business development and successes.”