Datapipe Receives EU-US Privacy Shield Certification


Datapipe has announced that it has received EU-US Privacy Shield Certification. Datapipe clients can be assured that any personally identifiable information (PII) from the EU that is processed by the company in the US will be firmly protected by the safeguards set by the Privacy Shield and fully compliant under EU law.

The EU-US Privacy Shield is the new legal framework, approved by the European Commission, by which personal data can be transferred from the EU to US companies. It seeks to set higher standards for the protection of Europeans’ personal data, as well as robust enforcement through the European data protection authorities, the US Department of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission.

“Datapipe has always been committed to data security and the protection of company and consumer information,” said Joel Friedman, chief technology & security officer, Datapipe.

“We are pleased we can provide a higher standard for the protection and transfer of European data to the US, and will continue to maintain data protection and privacy as our highest priority.”

Datapipe’s registration for Privacy Shield certification is the latest move the company has taken to strengthen its global presence. In August 2017, Datapipe acquired Adapt, expanding resources and service capabilities in the European Market.

Earlier this month, Datapipe was named a global managed service provider partner for Alibaba Cloud, making it easier for global organisations entering China and Chinese organisations venturing abroad to take advantage of Alibaba Cloud environments.


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