Datum Datacentres secures Climate Change Agreement to support environmental efficiencies

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) form part of the UK Government Energy and Climate Change programme. CCAs are negotiated arrangements that provide an extension to the Climate Change Levy rebate for energy intensive industries in return for meeting energy efficiency improvement targets.

Commenting on the agreement, Liam Mitchell, data centre manager at Datum, said, ‘From the outset, Datum has maintained a strong focus on energy efficiency, attaining ISO50001 and signing up to the EU Code of Conduct of data centres. Our environmentally intelligent adiabatic cooling solution supports extremely efficient, predictable cooling for high densities, whilst removing the cooling plant and associated water service risks from the IT space.

‘The end result is complete alignment of our energy efficiency goals with those of our clients – a reduced carbon footprint and reduced cost. Securing the Climate Change Agreement and the associated efficiency target will benefit both Datum and our clients and we are fully behind the initiative.’

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