Dimension Data publishes Tour de France data for 21 stages


The highest recorded speed on a sprint was 78.48km/h by John Degenkolb on stage 5.

The five highest recorded sprint speeds were:

• 78.48km/h – John Degenkolb – TGA Rancourt (stage 5)
• 76.46km/h – André Greipel – LTS Gare de Moncontour (stage 8)
• 75.13km/h – Peter Sagan – TCS Argentan (stage 7)
• 64.67km/h – John Degenkolb – TGA Trois-Villes (stage 10)
• 62.96km/h – Thomas De Gendt – LTS Rioupéroux (stage 18)

The average recorded speed of the riders across the 21 stages was 38.34km/h, while the highest average speed was 55.45km/h (stage 1).

The riders’ lowest average recorded speed across the 21 stages was 28.94 km/h (stage 19).

The riders covered 59,556m of elevation over the 58 categorised climbs – that’s about 6.7 Mount Everests!

The five climbs with the lowest recorded average speed were: 

• 15.52 km/h Côte de la Croix Neuve: stage 14 (3km cat.2 at 10.3 per cent)
• 15.84km/h Alpe d’Huez: stage 20 (13.8km ²HC at 8.1 per cent)
• 16.21km/h La Pierre-Saint-Martin: stage 10 (15.3km HC at 7.4 per cent)
• 16.49km/h Plateau de Beille: stage 12 (15.8km HC at 7.9 per cent)
• 16.76km/h Lacets de Montvernier: stage 18 (3.4 km cat.2 at 8.2 per cent)

On the quirky side, Dimension Data’s data analytics team at the Tour de France estimates that together, the riders burned an estimated 23,940,000 kcals: that’s about 85,807 hamburgers. The Tour de France BETA living tracking website attracted over 660,000 visitors over the three weeks, which the company said is a very pleasing result for this first year.




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