Dynatrace brings full lifecycle application monitoring to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Dynatrace Application Monitoring Service Broker Tile and Buildpack Extensions for Pivotal Cloud Foundry will provide deep, actionable performance insights for businesses with cloud initiatives.

According to Forrester Research, developers moving into the second wave of cloud computing value multi-cloud service management, agile integration and expanded platform services. Forrester reports an acceleration of the adoption of all cloud service categories through 2020. This acceleration to the cloud drives a heightened focus on the digital performance of cloud applications. The integration of Dynatrace with Pivotal Cloud Foundry will enable companies to take advantage of this acceleration by collecting deep analytics for applications running on PCF, allowing them to detect and act on performance shortcomings quickly, and proactively optimise end-to-end transaction latencies.

‘The root-cause-analysis capabilities in Dynatrace products solve the new set of challenges that a cloud native microservices architecture creates – namely, that there are so many moving parts, it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause of aberrant system behavior,’ said Joshua McKenty, head of platform ecosystem at Pivotal. ‘For example, Dynatrace Ruxit operates at a level that provides true causation across containers, VMs, and data services – not just correlation of events and log streams. Combined with Dynatrace Application Monitoring, our customers will get root cause analysis with powerful monitoring of apps, containers and VMs under management.’

Additionally, the collaboration creates new opportunities for both companies’ customer bases – particularly those focused on cloud native application development and multi-cloud deployments.

The Dynatrace Application Monitoring Service Broker Tile beta and the Buildpack Extensions for Pivotal Cloud Foundry are available now. The Ruxit Service Broker for Cloud Foundry will be available at a later date.

For further information visit: www.dynatrace.com

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