Education provider cuts required storage capacity, back up window and licence fees

As a result the group has cut the cost of protecting 172TB of data created and used by more than 133,000 students by 50 per cent, and reallocated 50 per cent of the staff originally dedicated to data protection to other projects.

Currently NCG needs to protect 172TB of data, including student and staff records, enrolment information and financial data. This includes Microsoft Exchange data, an SQL database and 350 virtual and physical servers.

Most of the organisation’s day-to-day operations rely on data being available 24/7 and the IT team realised that its existing disk-only data back up tool was not satisfactory from a number of angles, including its ability to cope with the group’s growing volumes of data, the cost of its licence fees and consumption of IT resources.

The NCG IT team selected Arcserve UDP based on its ability to lower the amount of data to be protected thanks to data reduction technologies, which in turn cut the cost of licensing fees and freed up staff time.

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