Eighty-one per cent of CIOs find mounting IT complexity leading to increase in IT support issues

The research also revealed that over three quarters (82 per cent) of CIOs believe that IT support has become a growing burden on modern IT departments. As a result, many CIOs see the need to support numerous technologies and IT services as not just a challenge, but as a drain on resources – with the majority (86 per cent) stating that IT management has become more complex over the last five years.

Supporting legacy and cloud adds to complexity

Modern IT landscapes are increasingly complex; CIOs are dealing with the impact of cloud and mobile, and at the same time managing legacy technologies. The need to manage and support myriad technologies and services is therefore becoming more challenging for CIOs and their organisations. With services and technologies – both new and legacy – being delivered via the cloud as well as on premise, many businesses are working with a number of different vendors with numerous SLAs in place. As a result, over half of CIOs (58 per cent) are finding it difficult to offer a consistent level of IT support across their business.

‘Providing comprehensive, consistent IT support in today’s complex IT world is a huge challenge for CIOs. It’s unsurprising many are finding IT management a growing burden,’ said Mike Henson, director, cloud and managed services, Trustmarque. ‘Particularly where there is a lot of legacy technology, CIOs have an important decision to make – whether to continue to support legacy IT, or explore migration to the cloud – where support costs can be considerably lower. Today, IT might be easier to use than ever, but it’s also much more complex to manage and support. The business IT model has shifted, digital experiences are high on the agenda, along with a desire to consume rather than build IT. This shift has caused considerable strain on CIOs’ time, resources and budgets.’

The full ‘The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support’ report can be downloaded here: www.trustmarque.com/it-support-report/

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