Equinix brings data processing capability to the edge


An integral component of an Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA), data hub is a bundled solution consisting of pre-configured colocation and power, combined with cloud integrated data storage solutions, to enable enterprises to develop large data repositories and dispense, consume and process the data at the edge – close to its source and users. Building on the company’s experience working with hundreds of customer deployments that leverage Equinix for data needs in proximity to leading public clouds, Equinix is now launching this solution as a pre-packaged offering.

Data Hub works in conjunction with Equinix’s Performance Hub solution. While Performance Hub solves for the deployment of network gear and interconnection inside Equinix data centres, Data Hub enables the deployment of IT gear integrated with Performance Hub. Data Hub consists of a large footprint of systems which perform data ingestion and analytics while being securely connected over redundant, high speed connections to Performance Hub. Performance Hub, in turn, connects the global enterprise network to public and private cloud services. This combination allows Data Hub customers to securely manage huge volumes of data, and receive or deliver real time insight from it, wherever it resides.

For further information visit: www.equinix.co.uk

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