Equinix completes acquisition of Paris data centre from Digital Realty


The site currently houses Equinix’s PA2 and PA3 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres and the transaction furthers Equinix’s corporate strategy of acquiring assets to invest behind customers and business ecosystems in key operating markets.

Purchasing St. Denis adds approximately 1,000 cabinets of sold capacity to the 5,000 cabinets Equinix has already sold in PA2 and PA3, plus expansion space for a further 1,000 cabinets in the existing buildings to support customer growth. The acquired facility is a dense interconnection site housing a core node of the Equinix Internet Exchange, one of the leading traffic exchanges in France.

Today, Equinix’s seven Paris data centres are business hubs for more than 575 companies. With the current IT transformation underway, global enterprises increasingly leverage Platform Equinix for low latency network connectivity, private access to a menu of cloud service providers and interconnection with customers and partners across their digital supply chain to run their corporate IT.

Steve Smith, president and CEO, Equinix, said, ‘As one of the largest economies in Europe, France continues to be a strong destination for local French businesses, as well as multi-nationals. We believe that by fully owning the site of our PA2 and PA3 facilities and the surrounding land, we will be able to ensure additional capacity and the ability to interconnect more networks, clouds, people and data, as customers require in the future.’

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