Experience the world of data cabling at Brand-Rex headquarters


Martin Hanchard, CEO Brand-Rex said, ‘The interactive centre is designed to illustrate the pivotal role cabling and connectivity has played in the historical development of communication technology over the last two centuries and how it has become even more important today.
‘We wanted to show how Brand-Rex uses its unique understanding of emerging communication technology trends to develop network infrastructure solutions that meet today’s needs whilst accommodating tomorrow’s challenges.’

This investment follows closely on the heels of a significant investment in the Brand-Rex Research & Development centre also located in Glenrothes, Fife. The Customer Experience Centre demonstrates how the voice of the customer is sponsoring new products developments that meet expanding demand for bandwidth, network speed, operational efficiency and sustainability.

Visitors to the Brand-Rex Customer Experience Centre will see real life examples of the many challenges IT managers are confronted by and how Brand-Rex continues to provide innovative solutions to those challenges.

Key vertical market sectors including data centres, healthcare and financial institutions are featured. A mini data centre visualises the latest IT infrastructure solutions required to equip high performance data centres, focusing on sustainable, scalable and flexible high speed designs while minimising space requirements. A special interactive demo illustrates how the Brand-Rex Blolite solution provides for a dependable and upgradeable infrastructure to support the demands of today healthcare industry.

A tablet computer leads visitors through the centre on an augmented reality experience – as a specially designed Brand-Rex App reacts to trigger images. Using the tablet, visitors can for example examine a 3D image of the new launched tool free jack or roll back the virtual floor of a data centre to see the space savings associated with products such as the Brand-Rex Category 6a zone cable.

The centre is now open for visitors and more details can be found at www.brand-rex.com/cec.

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