Ferrari and Schneider Electric team up to push limits on data centre efficiency and reliability


Ferrari commissioned its first Schneider Electric/APC data centre in 2004. That data centre was equipped with a cooling capacity of 20kW per rack. The InfraStruxure modular, scalable system serves as the physical infrastructure supporting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) platform and the simulations essential to the aerodynamic modeling of Ferrari’s championship Formula One cars.

Ferrari’s second data centre was built in 2015. A 300m2 site was created to support Ferrari’s Formula One car design team. Like the earlier data centre, it is also equipped with high efficiency cooling solutions, automatic static transfer switch (ATS) and hot aisle containment.

The on-demand architecture of InfraStruxure provides power, cooling, management and services in a rack optimised design, which is scalable in accommodating server capacity. Such scalability eliminates much of the planning guesswork, reduces installation downtime risk, and allows for the optimisation of today’s high density computing installations. The integrated cooling system consists of in-row precision air conditioners, and high efficiency hot aisle containment systems (HACS).

‘The data centre hosts solutions and systems that are used by our engineers during races,’ said Antonio Tornatore, head of process at Scuderia Ferrari. ‘This means that systems have to be totally reliable because during a race focus has to be entirely on the car and the race itself and not on the tools.’

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