France-IX’s board renewal: Bouygues Telecom and Google get reelected, Afnic gets elected for the first time

Every single year in September, the members of France-IX renew a different part of the board. This system, based on a rotation scheme of the three-year mandates, has been implemented to ensure the good governing of the international point.

This year, the mandates of the companies Bouygues Telecom and Google came to term. In addition, Schneider Electric resigned in July after being elected two years ago by the community. Nine companies had submitted their applications: Afnic, Axa Technology Services, Bouygues Telecom, EvoSwitch, Google, Interxion, Megaport, Meidan Ventures et SNCF.

The board is now composed of the following members:
Corporate seats: Afnic, Akamai, Bouygues Telecom, Cloudflare, Google, Jaguar Network 
Individuals: Bocar Kane, Clément Cavadore

The board members have the duty of representing the members of France-IX and of helping shape the global strategy of the Internet exchange. In order to do so, they take part in monthly phone meetings and in face-to-face meetings twice a year. 

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