Future Facilities partners with Rescale to deliver high speed data centre modelling

The relationship will allow facility managers, architects and designers from across the globe to perform the most complex data centre modelling quickly, using high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud to keep up with increasing demand for fast and accurate results from the enterprise.

The partnership will allow customers of Future Facilities’ 6SigmaET and 6SigmaDCX computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to access Rescale’s HPC capabilities. When on premise IT infrastructure is already utilised or incapable of dealing with the size of model, cloud overflow will deliver instant, scalable and secure compute resource. In addition, customers can choose to use Rescale’s cloud exclusively for solving by storing their solver license with Rescale and then purchasing hardware time on-demand removing the high initial costs of on site hardware.

Jonathan Leppard, director at Future Facilities, said, ‘The rapidly growing number of electronic devices known as the Internet of Things is leading to an explosive growth in demand for back end computing resources. Equally, data centres are only getting larger and more complex to meet the ever growing demand for compute power from enterprise applications. In order to run these large and complex data centres efficiently, our 6SigmaET and 6SigmaDCX suites are vital to truly understand the complex thermal environments inside data centres and electronics.’

Joris Poort, CEO at Rescale, said, ‘Complex simulations have high computing requirements – however this scale of compute demand is usually not needed outside of these simulation scenarios. Through our partnership with Future Facilities, many more organisations can now use our world class secured compute capabilities when they are needed. We look forward to helping enable the next generation of devices and data centres come to life with Future Facilities.’

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