Gartner: Rapidly maturing virtualisation market to reach $5.6bn in 2016 – comment from Dynatrace

‘As virtualised data centres have begun to mature, eyes are now turning towards software defined infrastructure (SDI), which is set to enable improved automation, easier deployment and far greater scalability of workloads.

‘However, since SDI technology is still relatively immature, the majority of businesses have yet to identify how they will account for the increased complexity it introduces to data centre management. As well as the complications of running virtualised or cloud environments, you have to account for the additional layer of complexity introduced by the SDI controller. Monitoring infrastructure components alone won’t be enough to identify the impact that underlying systems health is having on IT service quality.  

‘To address this challenge, businesses will need to ensure that they have the ability to automatically track the end user journey and correlate the impact of dynamic SDI changes to their experience in real time. This will enable them to instantly pinpoint any service degradations and speed up the resolution process so that any problems can be fixed before the user has even noticed.’

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