Gartner says data centre market to undergo dramatic change by end of 2016

‘There are four market disruptions in play in the DC infrastructure market,’ said Joe Skorupa, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. ‘Elements of them are already in play, and will become visible no later than early 2016; however, radical action by just one significant player could accelerate the market disruption of any of the factors.’

Although, on the surface, the DC market is poised for growth, existing assumptions regarding the ongoing growth of the DC market are unlikely to be realised. They rely heavily on the current base of traditional enterprise IT end users, and a vendor community that is more likely to support the status quo, rather than introduce risk and break the enterprise IT mould.

‘Underneath this calm surface, increasing market pressures are driving a change in vendor behaviours, which, along with the four disruptive factors, make the market ripe for a period of major disruption,’ added Mr Skorupa. ‘These behaviours will become more obvious as the pace of change increases.’

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