Global research identifies new trends and shifts in data centre procurement and support by IT decision makers

Curvature initiated the global survey using more than 500 IT decision makers to identify trends in data centre procurement and support, delivering some startling results: According to the respondees, around 60 per cent are now electing to use Third Party Maintenance (TPM), while 53 per cent now regularly purchase pre-owned equipment. The top three drivers identified as adoption indicators of TPM include a greater focus on reducing operational expenses, improved support offerings from independent maintenance providers and positive experiences with prior-generation hardware.

The Dimensional Research shows growing adaption in 2015 and strong growth potential in 2016 for pre-owned equipment and maintenance alternatives, including the following trends:

– 96 per cent see advantages in multi-vendor data centres including optimised spending, reducing risk of vendor lock-in, and retaining vendor flexibility
– 92 per cent use pre-owned equipment, third-party maintenance, or multi-vendor infrastructure in their data centres today including
– 53 per cent purchase pre-owned equipment
– 60 per cent use third party maintenance
– 85 per cent have multi-vendor environments
– 90 per cent see benefits in third party maintenance of data centre equipment, including
– Opportunity to lower costs (69 per cent)
– Cost optimisation through hybrid maintenance, including both independent and OEM support (42 per cent)
– Ability to work with a vendor focused only on maintenance (35 per cent)
– Retaining vendor flexibility for future needs (34 per cent)
– Reduced risk caused by vendor lock-in (31 per cent)
– 60 per cent increased use of pre-owned equipment, third party maintenance, or multi-vendor infrastructure alternatives in 2015 and 54 per cent plan to increase in 2016

While companies are embracing these non-traditional approaches to data centre purchasing and support, there is still room for growth. Just over half (55 per cent) still maintain a single-vendor approach for at least some of the equipment in their data centres, with networking equipment being the most likely candidate for sole source (40 per cent) followed by servers (36 per cent) and storage (29 per cent).

But the trend is moving away from these traditional ways of purchasing equipment. Most companies that use purchasing or support alternatives for their data centres continue to plan increasing use in 2015 (60 per cent). This looks set to continue in 2016 with more than half (54 per cent) actively planning to invest more in purchasing and support alternatives for their data centres.

The complete research, ‘Trends In Data Centre Procurement And Support – A Survey Of It Decision Makers’, is available for download from

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