HeatLoad launches new 200A and 250A three phase power distribution boards

The new products will prove invaluable in ensuring that a facility is able to perform as expected, even if the final power distribution equipment has not yet been installed.

The importance of testing a data centre infrastructure prior to going live is widely acknowledged as a key element in ensuring that it achieves optimal performance for the duration of its design life. To do this, HeatLoad mimics the electrical and other performance characteristics of the IT equipment as closely as possible using its extensive range of specialist heat load, load banks, server emulators, cable adaptors, cable converters and leads.

The new power distribution boards come supplied pre-wired with eight 32A three phase outlets. Each unit is capable of powering six or eight 22kW three phase floor standing heat load units and their use is perfect for facilities that have not completed final fit out but still require infrastructure testing. HeatLoad currently has sufficient stock to power approximately 2MW of load, while the number of units available can be increased to meet customer demand in less than a week.

These impressive devices feature alongside HeatLoad’s rack mounted single phase emulators that are available as 2kW or 3.75kW units. Mobile racks are available in 12, 16 and 30U sizes and allow the load banks and server emulators to be installed in various configurations to meet capacity, density and rack layout requirements. In addition, its floor standing single phase 2kW and 3kW units or three phase 9kW, 15kW and 22kW offerings are ideal for use in colocation facilities, where racks are often not installed until the customer makes a final decision on their infrastructure needs.

HeatLoad’s products have been successfully employed in data centres across a diverse array of vertical sectors including finance, petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical and telecommunications, as well as some of the world’s leading colocation facilities. All units can be supplied on a rental only basis or as part of a managed load testing service package.

Dave Wolfenden, managing director of HeatLoad, commented, ‘Demand for our new 200A and 250A three phase power distribution boards has already exceeded initial expectations, with six customers making use of this new service within the first two months of it being available. Data centre owners and operators need to know that their facilities will work as intended and these products will play a vital role in the testing process.’

For further information visit: www.heatload.co.uk

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