Hitachi sets data free to give Copenhagen smart city insights



The project is a key initiative of the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region; it supports not only their drive to become carbon neutral by 2025, but also offers a huge potential to improve the quality of life of citizens and boost the local economy.

The City Data Exchange is a new service that will provide data to an ecosystem that can turn cities into smart cities. The marketplace for data was developed over the past year by Hitachi Insight Group, which built the solution, created a first set of applications, and tested it with real data, in close collaboration with all the partners who are contributing data to the service.

With its launch, the City Data Exchange will bring together data from public and private data providers, taking what was once a fragmented data landscape and turning it into a one-stop-shop for public and private data from across the Copenhagen region.

‘Data is the fuel powering our digital world, but in most cities it is unused,’ said Hans Lindeman, senior vice president, Hitachi Insight Group, EMEA.

‘Even where data sits in public, freely accessible databases, the cost of extracting and processing it can easily outweigh the benefits. With the City Data Exchange, Hitachi does all the heavy lifting: we are the connection between organisations holding the data and the people who urgently need them to help the citizens of Copenhagen.’

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