How filtration can protect your data centre investment


The safety of data is paramount to all companies and part of this operation is to ensure that the data centre has a constant supply of electrical power to ensure downtime does not occur. A loss of power could be detrimental to a data centre, which is why they have a large number of back up diesel generators, M+1, +2 etc.

Filtertechnik works hand-in-hand with data centre constructors and operators from project phase to daily management of fuel for these operations to ensure diesel fuel is clean, dry and ready for use at any time. It is a fact that since the introduction of biodiesel into modern diesel fuels as a blend, the fuel has become less stable and more likely to have water ingress, bacterial growth, solid particulate or sludge forming in the fuel.

Filtertechnik offers site surveys free of charge and will work to find the best solution for maintaining fuel in data centre operations. Filtertechnik manufacture both fixed and portable fuel polishing equipment, on site fuel testing equipment and offers additional services all tailored to ensure your operation need not worry about fuel in storage.

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