Huawei releases Intel rack scale design based servers


The introduction of the Huawei FusionServer E9000 converged architecture blade server and FusionServer X6800 high density server highlights how Huawei is striving to forge a new hyperscale data centre ecosystem.

In the face of ever growing data processing requirements, existing data centre infrastructures struggle to deliver on flexibility and total cost of ownership (TCO) expectations. Huawei believes that a pooled, agile, and software defined infrastructure will drive the improvement of future data centres. Intel’s RSD architecture disaggregates servers into pools of compute, storage, PCIe, and memory that can be allocated as necessary to meet the needs of applications at a rack level. This product introduction will be an extended solution offering in the existing Huawei E9000 and X6800 product portfolio family.

Sandra Rivera, vice president and general manager of Intel Network Platforms Group, said, ‘The launch of the Huawei RSD platform is indicative of the value in more agile and flexible solutions for hyperscale data centres, supported by Intel architecture and technologies. This type of collaborative solution within the industry will accelerate data centre innovation.’

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