Hyve Managed Hosting to launch world’s first data centre in geosynchronous orbit


Hyve Managed Hosting, managed hosting and cloud service provider, has announced its plans to launch SpaceHosting, the world’s first data centre in geosynchronous orbit.

“It just makes sense logistically,” comments Jake Madders, one of the company’s directors. “Data centres are well suited for remote locations, where real estate is cheap and security is easy. Launching outside of our planet means unlimited room to grow, highly reduced risk and a whole load of mission-critical solar energy – what could be better?”

Hyve was the first VMware enterprise partner, and its move towards automation with self healing make an orbiting data centre the next logical step in Hyve’s development. The costs of building and maintaining a conventional data centre – once factors such as power, people and connectivity are considered – could easily run into the realms of half a billion dollars.

Hyve predicts that, with the sun serving as a free energy source, the cost of getting one into space could cost as little as $100 million, a fact that is likely to prove attractive to public sector customers in particular.

“We’re launching the ultimate mission-critical failover,” comments Jon Lucas, Jake’s business partner. “Sooner or later, whole countries will have problems with connectivity – not just cities. Our best of breed SpaceHosting will be there to make sure your site never goes down.”

Exact dates for the launch are yet to be scheduled, but Jon predicts that their data centre will be in orbit by the end of 2019. In the below video a Have customer comments on launch of Hyve SpaceHosting.


Edit: For those who might have thought this was a legitimate piece of news it was of course an April fools!