Independent operator grows to support £1.5bn of business


‘Around 70 per cent of our clients are SMEs with our portfolio ranging from individuals and SMEs to large multi-nationals,’ explained Custodian’s CEO Rowland Kinch. ‘However, they all have one thing in common and as a business our job is to ensure that the infrastructure located by these companies at our site stays on.’

Home to some NHS services, and providing support to Local Authorities from around the UK, Custodian has been rigorously audited by government organisations looking to provide cost effective solutions.

The appeal of independent operators

As an independent operator Custodian is able to indulge clients with bespoke requirements and this almost boutique approach has enabled the data centre to woo clients away from larger colocation operators.

‘It’s all about flexibility and trust,’ commented commercial director Leonard Kay. ‘Our commercial team and our clients are able to interact with our technical team on a personal level meaning that clients’ individual needs can be fully understood and catered for. We pride ourselves on building trust and personal rapports. We are also not tied up with cross-site pricing structures meaning that we can truly think-out-of-the-box when it comes to solutions.’

Outer-city location

Clients of the data centre have often chosen Custodian in order to take advantage of all the benefits of being in a city without any of the limitations. Custodian has invested £1m into a new low latency dark fibre network and can provide power levels often unobtainable in the city. With much talk of a Northern Powerhouse, Custodian Data Centres also believes that its South East location is an asset that many companies are keen to utilise. Located in the gateway to Europe, the site is able to provide inner London connectivity in a safe outer London location.

So what’s next?

Custodian’s investment means that it is tripling its current capacity and has had to recruit over 10 members of staff to help manage the facility. The data centre has a projected growth percentage of overall turnover of 200 per cent which it hopes will also translate into growth for its clients.

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