Aegis Data To Provide Exclusive Course For Data Centre Managers

Aegis Data is working in collaboration with DCPro Development and Hyperscale IT to provide a unique training course to data centre managers.

The course, in partnership with the Open Compute Project (OCP), will look to offer data centre providers with greater oversight and help raise awareness of the use of OCP systems within the data centre. The course will be run at the Aegis Data facility in Godalming, Surrey, on 28th February 2017.

The Open Compute Project releases open source hardware which has been designed without legacy constraints. The focus of the project is on computing scalability for the lowest total cost, resulting in an industry-wide reassessment of all aspects of a server ecosystem, leading to improvements in everything from energy efficiency to reliability.

“We are delighted to be working with our partners Hyperscale IT and DCPro Development in bringing greater awareness of OCP to the market,” says Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data.

“Working with Hyperscale IT has allowed us access to customised server racks, enabling us to support greater power densities needed throughout our High Performance Compute (HPC) site.”

The training course is designed to help raise awareness of the benefits of OCP for a variety of data centre structures. Attendees will discover how OCP is pioneering disaggregated server design, with ground breaking new developments in storage. Lithium-ion batteries are providing resilient power over redundancies, networking enhancements through open switches and free air cooling is helping to ditch the DX.

“The course is really an industry first, bringing together various bodies within the data centre market to highlight to growth and development of OCP. As Aegis, we see OCP as one of the industry trends for next year and we are pleased to be part of it already and offer our peers the chance to discover more about OCP’s offering,” Greg concludes.