Data Privacy Day 2017: Enhance & Protect Your Key Assets


2016 saw a record number of data breaches and this demonstrates that organisations, both large and small, still have a lot to learn when it comes to data privacy and protection. This Data Privacy Day we have talked to a variety of IT professionals to get their take on what organisations can do to enhance the protection of an increasingly key asset – data.

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian: “As companies look for ways to save cost by moving business processes to the cloud, the data back up process is a likely candidate for cloud migration. Privacy becomes a concern, however, when sensitive information is moved off site. Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds as it enables companies to retain control over sensitive or regulated data by storing it on-premises, whilst still being able to utilise public cloud scalability and cost for less sensitive information.”

Gary Quinn, CEO at Falconstor: “Data privacy is not optional. Mandatory standards and controls should be in place across all businesses. Data Privacy Day is another reminder that personal and company data is critical and should be given the utmost protection. Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to realise that business critical data is being generated on a daily basis and if this becomes inaccessible they no longer have a business. This is why deploying safeguards such as software that enables disaster recovery, data migration and the ability to back up is fundamental. All organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises, need to be taking steps towards making data safer.”

David Griffiths, VP EMEA, Tintri: “Data privacy is fundamentally about being prepared. One key element of your privacy strategy has to be how to recover from a breakdown – establishing recovery point and recovery time objectives. For example, you can speed up the recovery of data with online and nearline snapshots (modern data privacy doesn’t depend on traditional back up tapes). Leading organisations need to be using storage that allows them to review snapshots quickly and enhance protection with multi-site replication, whether it is to another location or a public cloud.”

Rob Strechay, VP of Product, Zerto: ”Coming off a year of numerous high profile data breaches and with ransomware still running wild, businesses need to not just prepare for an attack, but ensure they can maintain critical business operations in such an event. While IT security efforts largely focus on defending the perimeter fence, there are too many opportunities for hackers to get past these defences to not have a well constructed and easily implemented ‘plan B’ in place. That plan B must include being able to quickly and as completely as possible recover critical data using proper tools and processes to help significantly reduce, if not nullify the impact of the intrusions. Traditional back up is nice, but it is critical to implement and successfully test a rigorous business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.”


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