Continued Investment In Data Centres Sees Growth In Use Of Refurbished Equipment


While cloud computing has seen considerable growth over the past few years, a recent survey suggests that data centres still continue to invest heavily in on-premises workloads in enterprise owned or operated data centres.

65% of IT assets are deployed in data centres

The Data Center Industry Survey, carried out by the Uptime Institute, took information from over 1,000 data centre professionals from all over the world. The participants were taken from several major industries, including financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare amongst others.

The statistics gathered show that 65% of IT assets are currently deployed in enterprise owned data centres. While two thirds of IT assets are deployed in this way, 22% are housed in multi-tenant or colocation data centres and 13% in cloud computing. As this 65% figure has remained the same since 2014, this suggests that there is a continuing investment being made into data centres across many different sectors and countries.

Further results taken from the survey identify how almost 75% of enterprises said that in 2017 their data centre budgets had either ‘stayed constant’ or ‘increased’, in comparison to the previous year. This supports the evidence that businesses are continuing to invest in data centre equipment, despite the growth of the cloud.

The survey also highlighted how enterprises rely on multiple data centres for live IT application fail-over.

Sixty-eight per cent said they use an IT architecture composed of multiple data centres, geographically distributed – this means that if an issue arises, the external data centre can take over and uptime can be maintained. This is another way in which data centres can be seen to still play a significant role in enterprises all around the world.

IT professionals choose refurbished parts to outfit data centres

As data centres continue to be in use widely across the globe, the need for quality, low cost data centre equipment remains a major requirement. IT professionals now look to refurbished data centre equipment to provide quality, high performing technology, but at a low cost price point.

Techbuyer (formerly Pinnacle Data), has been in the data centre equipment industry for over a decade and has seen a year-on-year growth in the sale of refurbished parts.

Chris Pooley, sales director at Techbuyer, says approximately 92.6% of total orders are for refurbished IT hardware. He comments: “As the survey suggests, data centres, and therefore data centre equipment, is still an integral part of enterprises globally. Over the past decade, we have seen 94% of returning customers. IT departments have woken up to the potential of refurbished IT equipment: They are experiencing the same quality and performance with our refurbished parts as they would get with brand new equipment, but at a vastly reduced price point.”