IO.London works with Technimove to minimise cost of data centre migration


In a UK trial, IO is working with Technimove to assist customers in identifying and managing costs for physical relocation to IO’s site in Slough. This initiative aims to minimise an often substantial and unforeseen barrier to relocating IT infrastructure.                                     

The physical relocation of IT infrastructure can represent between 10 and 85 per cent of the total migration cost for any client. By identifying costs upfront and working with customers to manage them, IO hopes that more companies will feel comfortable in relocating their critical infrastructure.

Rob Cooper, colocation sales director at IO.London, said, ‘This offer is all about transparency. It’s often the case that companies choose not to move their equipment because they’re wary of the hidden costs and risks involved.

‘Given the size of the market, the process of IT relocation should ensure that customers are getting the best deal. Instead many are being effectively locked into expensive providers by prohibitively expensive moving costs. By simplifying and identifying that cost upfront, and devising ways to manage or reduce such costs, we’re giving these companies the choice and ability to diversify their estates with confidence.’

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