Superfast Janet Services Launched By Second UK Data Centre


Janet, the ultra fast IT network, is now available from a second UK commercial data centre – Migsolv’s high security Gatehouse facility in Norwich – in a move to boost the UK’s digital economy.

This will enable small and medium businesses as well as public bodies to work with a wide range of previously inaccessible markets, including many organisations connected to private government networks.

By providing a commercial Janet connection, Migsolv’s Gatehouse data centre becomes second only to Goonhilly Earth Station, the renowned satellite and space centre in Cornwall.

While Janet has been developed over the last 30 years primarily for academic and research institutions, this now means any small/medium businesses and public bodies can connect to the network by placing their IT in Migsolv’s data centre.

The connection provides links into the highly secure Public Services Network (PSN), N3 NHS network and Police National Network, opening up a large public sector marketplace for small and medium businesses. This will be of particular value to companies on the government’s G-Cloud scheme, which aims to help them sell cloud computing services to government bodies.


Public bodies which place their IT in The Gatehouse will also have access to a Janet connection – many for the first time – enabling them to work with a much wider range of suppliers and partners. In addition, Migsolv resellers can now offer colocation services with a Janet connection under their own brands.  

This move is a joint initiative between Migsolv, Next Connex and Jiscom – Janet’s commercial arm, whose remit is to broaden the network’s user base in order to boost the UK’s digital economy.

David Manning, managing director of Migsolv, says: “We’re thrilled to be only the second UK commercial facility to offer a Janet connection. It’s a prestigious, ultra fast network – and a great fit with our data centre, which is one of the most secure in the world.

“Our Janet link opens up a vast new marketplace for companies and public bodies alike which choose to use our data centre services.”

Migsolv’s Janet connection is delivered in partnership with high performance network provider Next Connex. Anyone wishing to find out more about the Janet connection and colocation services can visit