Are KVM Trade-In Programmes The Latest Craze?


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The names ‘KVM trade-in programme’ or ‘KVM trade-up programme’ appear to be popular, and well rounded phrases that are used when promoting the KVM trade-in/KVM trade-up programmes.

Since the beginning of the year, manufacturers who specialise in connectivity and IT management solutions have been promoting their KVM trade-in programmes.

This type of promotion offers end users the opportunity to improve their data centres’ productivity, whilst lowering their total cost of ownership for next generation KVM solutions.

Of course, KVM solution resellers are also leveraging the KVM trade-in programme to promote directly to their customers too.

How does the KVM trade-in work?

Under the KVM trade-in programme, end users will contact participating resellers with certain details such as the KVM equipment they wish to trade-in, manufacturer names and model numbers and so forth, to ensure the equipment falls within the list of eligible trade-in switches.

Dependent on the program, end users could be given trade-in credits, rebates or monetary discounts – also known as cash-back – when they trade-in existing KVM switches, KVM rack consoles or serial switches from the manufacturers who are offering the KVM trade-in programme and will be eligible for the new trade-in product.

What options are there?

There are options like the KVM over IP switch and LCD KVM rack console trade-in programme which will expire at the end of June, the KVM and serial console trade-in programme which will expire at the end of March or KVM systems trade-up which will expire at the end of March.

Ultimately, it all depends on preference, whether it’s brand choice, the KVM trade-in discount rates, warranty services, or previous service experience.

What are the benefits?

The various available KVM trade-in programmes allow data centre managers/IT managers to take advantage of the KVM trade-in promotion should they not only wish to manage their data centres and IT distribution infrastructure more efficiently, but also potentially yield higher productivity.

The KVM trade-in promotion could potentially help businesses reduce time to repair and bring down the cost of downtime by providing secure access and control to servers and other IT equipment from virtually anywhere.