LzLabs unveils Software Defined Mainframe


LzLabs’ solution solves the legacy mainframe application problem where more than 3,000 of the world’s largest companies have no escape from expensive and outdated application architectures, which still power 70 per cent of the world’s commercial transactions.

The LzLabs’ Software Defined Mainframe will support major legacy operating environments and languages so that customers can break free from the high, recurring cost of mainframe software and hardware while preserving their enormous investment in legacy applications, data and business processes.

‘Despite an almost universal desire to liberate mainframe applications to improve interoperability, business agility and to reduce costs, the risk and complexity of rewriting or recompiling code have been assessed as too high by many mainframe customers,’ said Thilo Rockmann (pictured), chairman of LzLabs. ‘What was required was a seamless way to allow the customer’s application code and data to run unchanged in a modern environment. LzLabs has worked for five years to build exactly this solution – the Software Defined Mainframe.’

For further information visit: www.lzlabs.com

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