MigSolv’s interactive online demonstration showcases the resilience of the Gatehouse data centre

The demonstration allows you to select any one of eight potential threats to test the safety measures in place at The Gatehouse and view the outcomes as each scenario is played out. The Gatehouse and its surrounding area can be placed under flood, fire, terrorism, riot, theft, blackout, latency and even, a zombie apocalypse!

MigSolv is committed to providing businesses with a secure, efficient, scalable and cost effective data centre solution. The Gatehouse facility features enhanced security, an eight day back up supply and a completely flood free setting, making it one of the most secure locations in the country for a colocation data centre.

Alex Rabbetts, CEO MigSolv, said, ‘We wanted to deliver our message of being a completely secure data centre facility in a unique and compelling way. The idea of a virtual stress test is a little different and everyone who has trialled it has found it entertaining yet informative. We feel the interactive content is fun, definitely memorable and demonstrates the true value of our facility.’

See how The Gatehouse stands up to security threats: visit: www.migsolv.com/datacentre-stress-test/

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